Ulrich Kühn

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Three Cross Structures
Color fields change their coloring, along with soft sounds.

7-1 | 7-2 | 7-4 | 7-5, 77 | 7-7 | Turkish
Discs spin, accompanied by sounds.

Icon, Zoom | Delphinium
Zoom and pan, sounds, a fragment of music.

Icons inverted
Two icon-like graphics, alternately blurred, their colors inverted, plus a sound.

Torso I | Torso II
Rotational ellipsoids and solids of revolution, without or with sound and voices.

Crown (inverted)

Hare and Hedgehog
For a certain time, the image of a rabbit appears on the left, then on the right an image with cubic objects in a shorter interval, so that the right image overtakes the left one after some time. Two voices.

Mondrian Structures

Computer Grafics

15 Figurative Representations