Ulrich Kühn

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Artwork for screens

The works are designed for current browsers; they may not be displayed correctly on older browsers.

Duble-click/touch or the back arrow ⇐ in the browser to end the animation and return to this overview.

For some of the work, the mute function on the smartphone must be cancelled in order to hear the sound.

An icon-like graphic is displayed in alternating increasing and decreasing blur, accompanied by a very low tone.

Cross Structure, Window
Colour fields arranged in a cross-like structure change their colouring. Various soft sounds can be heard at the same time.

A transparent cuboid delimited by streaks of colour rotates around its longitudinal axis, accompanied by the sound of two voices.

Black Oscillator
A circle and two rectangles are displayed anticyclically out of focus, accompanied by a very low tone.

Three rectangles change their order and three tones are heard.

Three concentrically arranged circles rotate and a sound is heard.

Images of structures that are remotely reminiscent of Mondrian. A voice comments.

Political Art
Two circles with writing turn in opposite directions, a song is heard.

Non-political Art
A star-like light rotates. (Without start button and without sound.)

Semiotic Art
A circle appears, then a square, plus voices. Naming and figure fall apart in the further course and meet again only after a long time.

Current Art (2023)
'Please create an HTML page for me that visualizes the terms "fungible", "non-fungible", and "AI" with artistic ambition.' AI language model: you.com

Back and Forth
Three five-pointed stars rotate, the middle star changes its direction of rotation. You hear noises and a voice.

Torso with Head
Four ellipses create the illusion of solids of revolution by rotating around their axes and form a torso-like figure with a head. The figure also rotates around its vertical axis. One hears sounds and two voices.

9 Positions
A construction of squares in perspective rotates, one hears a voice.

Zoom and pan on various details of the drawing of a putto (cupid). A sound as if from a crackling record is heard.

Message (Culpa)
A sequence of letters in rapid alternation, plus a sequence of tones with large temporal intervals between the tones.

The following pages each show a selection of images alternating for a few seconds. Click/touch to stop the picture change. Click/touch on the left/right edge of the screen to select the last/next image. Click/touch on the centre of the screen continues the animation. Double-click/touch to return to the overview.

4 Pictures of the same size
Images of painted pictures.

6 Drawings

Works with Writing

Some Landscape Formats
Images of painted pictures in landscape format.

More works ...